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Staff  Perm supports the Ladders Resume Reviewer and Builder

This tool will help you sell your strengths and position you ahead of the competition!   Always use the latest updated resume that both you and your Staff Perm recruiter agree upon, as it is the one sent to the hiring manager.

Step 1: Upload your resume    

(You do not need to register.  Just upload your resume and the Ladders Resume Reviewer will analyze your resume and help you redraft it to compete with the competition!  When asked to create an account, just click the pop up away, you do not need to register.   

Step 2: Click “Help Me Fix My Resume”.  The system will walk you through the process of redesigning your resume to get in front of the hiring manager.


Step 3: Each section of your resume is analyzed and will be asked to provide missing information.  

Step 4: You will be asked to copy the job description from your original resume to the description box when asked for your job detail.   

Step 5: Download your new resume and send it to Staff Perm!


Resume Reviewer and Builder