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Preparing for the interview

There are just as many wrong things that you can do when interviewing as there are right.

We all know the basics.  A fresh haircut, clean shaven, warm smile, the feel of confidence, formal dress, firm handshake and correct body posture right?

As a hiring manager for over 20 years, I can tell you that today’s managers are looking to hire someone that will represent them when the need arises. Being a good culture fit weighs 50% of the hiring decision.  No matter what your skill set is.  At the end of the day, hiring you, means their reputation is on the line.  

If you are skills qualified, you have to show it more than ever that you are cultural fit qualified. You have to put your best foot forward.  Seems simple, but today’s professionals easily overlooks how important a good culture fit is to the hiring manager.

Your resume should be updated to match your skills to the job description that the company is hiring for. Recruiters will work with you to extract skills that you have left off your resume and to remove those that don’t apply to the job your seeking!  Always make sure it is accurate!!!


Most professionals know the basics of interviewing. But today’s hiring managers wants more than to just bring your skill set to their department.  

They want:


Did you know: Your first 15 minutes is critical to you getting the job!  Hiring managers form an opinion in less than 15 minutes.

Cultural Interviewing


Don’t wait for your prospective employer to tell you what is on your background check.  Find out now!