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Changing companies to increase salary

We have all been there.  Going into work year after year and barely seeing our salaries increase enough to buy that next vacation or ski boat we have been eyeing.   One way to make it happen now, is to seize an opportunity while the market is hot and companies are competing for talent.  We all think we’re worth a million dollars, but going out and getting it is a whole other story.  We traditionally see 8-10% increases and as high as 30% depending on your skill level and the demand for it.  

First you should consider the market and good news for you….it is great and companies are forecasting overall hiring growth!  But, just because you want it, does not make it so.  Companies understand that money is important but they will make a decision based on the overall job challenge, expected career path, career development and growth potential of the candidate and your current salary now.

Current base salary and total compensation are major factors when companies determine what to offer. Don’t forget that in addition to salary, there are other factors that are important: low cost benefits, overtime, bonus, 401K, advancement opportunities etc.  

Consider these:

But not everything is about money right?  What makes us happy is feeling appreciated for the work that we do.  We want to like the people we work with and most important we want a boss that gives us a voice to be heard and to make a difference in our contributions.  I’ve interviewed thousands of professionals and have heard many times that it is not always about money.  Consider the growth of the company and where it is going.  Consider the tools and software to be used.  Would changing companies put me in an environment of continued growth and personal value for years to come?

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Changing Companies