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Staff Perm understands work life balance!  

Staff Perm networks with hiring managers to bring career opportunities to professionals that are looking to advance their career.   9 out of 10 experts agree that the best way to create career growth is to seek an opportunity with a company that is willing to provide it.  

Many managers don’t understand the need for work life balance or today's employees.   They rely on our experience to connect talent that drives business success.  We work with you to define what your seeking in your career change and provide you with the opportunity to interview with the decision makers that can make it happen.   



Staff Perm provides opportunities for SME’s to present at local and national user group meetings and conferences!

Staff Perm will help you prepare for your interview!

Staff Perm offers referral bonuses!

Staff Perm can connect you with other professionals with your skill set for collaboration!

Staff Perm treats individuals with respect and gives our guarantee of “always on communication”!




We connect talent to hiring managers!


90% of professionals are passive job seekers; working, but not really content.  Let Staff Perm help you with your next career change while you work!



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Personal and Confidential

Don’t wait for your prospective employer to tell you what is on your background check.  Find out now!  

Staff Perm has partnered with SafestHires to offer candidates their very own low cost background check.  Just like credit reports, candidates can see if wrong or outdated information is keeping them from getting hired!  

Personal and confidential for the candidate’s review only!

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